New excursion – We offer you a local guide who can take you on a walk in our three fishing communities and talk about its history.

Nyksund Havn

Nyksund Harbor

Stø Havn

Stø Harbor

Myre Havn

Myre Harbor

Day 1:
Myre Harbor – A modern fishing harbor.
Stø Harbor – A traditional fishing harbor.

Day 2:
Nyksund Habor – A historical fishing harbor.

If you want, it’s possible to eat lunch on both days, respectively in Stø and Nyksund.
The dinner will take place in Myre Kysthotell.

New excursion 2 – Northern Lights excursion. Our guide takes you on a “hunt” to capture the Northern Lights. Before you go, you will get an introduction on how to take good pictures of the Northern Lights, and about what makes it so special.

OBS! We also “tailor” your excursions on request. So don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestions on, what you want to see or experience while you’re staying at our hotel.