Good service!

Dag Andre Gunvaldsen testimonial

Good service, and courteous staff that gives you a warm welcome. They also help you when you have to wait on a boat for departure. Good food as well!

Dag Andre Gunvaldsen

Great food and nice people

Vårin Lillian Sørmeland testimonial

Good food and nice people who worked there. The room was clean and with good space. The only thing I will complain about is that there was only one hanger in the closet in a double room.

Vårin Lillian Sørmeland

Nice and clean rooms

Lucy Victoria Shine testimonial

When you stay at a hotel and you feel welcome, then there is a lot which are good! Nice, clean and cosy rooms. Real flowers on all tables in the restaurant and if you need anything, it was fixed within seconds. I liked that you could see that the inventory and furniture had been used. For me that shows that the hotel is aware of its environment instead of esthetic, and that we need a lot of.

The baccalao was very good and I actually fell in love with the bartender, who was that night. Overall a fantastic experience in the idyllic village in between the majestic mountains in the north.

Lucy Victoria Shine