Tourist information and activities

Øksnes and Myre offer many exciting activities and experiences for travelers, both for individuals or groups. We have a beautiful mountain landscape here in Vesterålen which are easy to access by nice and well-marked trails. The mountains in Vesterålen are something that we really recommend if it’s your first stay here in Northern Norway. We also recommend diving, kayaking and sea rafting. Our staff is always at your service if you need any help, or advice about the activities that the area offers.

In the far north of the island you will find the little fishing village Nyksund. The fishing industry in Nyksund was after the Second World War the second largest in Vesterålen, og was full of life. As time went by, the harbor got too small and in the 70s the last remaining residents received  depopulation grants to move. The place decayed and became a little ghost until the 90s, where some German students came to the place and started to get the old fishing village back on “their feet”. Today Nyksund consists of new renovated homes, holiday houses, restaurants and accommodations – and a trip back to the 40s.

For more information about activities and other things to do in Vesterålen, visit VisitVesterålen website.